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Time to Kick-Start the Ether Mining!

We thank all the partnerships set up with the hardware producers and also our large-scale purchases. This helps us to achieve great mining prices for the employed technology, i.e. the hardware bought is much cheaper than market price.

Easy way to rent hashing power.

The setting up and purchasing of personal hardware is very interesting. The technically skilled people can efficiently solve the tricky complications. They generally enjoy the fun in maintaining the complex construction and not the profit earned from it. But for many others it is very difficult and annoying. Overall, the service provides a better mining experience at low Ether mining cost.

What is more significant along with maintenance cost is storing the miners. There are many farms worldwide and each location is selected to fulfill 2 criteria - no or little requirement for cooling and cheap supply of electricity.

Where The Mining Happens

ETHMine’s mining farms are based in Iceland due to efficient electricity costs and ample space to grow as our community grows also. Our sites are monitored 24/7 by technical experts and security teams to preserve the profitability of your experience.

Simple price

There are no pool charges applied. The customers are not required to wait or pay for shipping. Not a single second of mining is wasted and it starts immediately.

Mining is an excellent experience

The contract to mine with ETHMine provides a great experience and makes people forget about the complications of setting up and maintaining a mining rig.

Regular promotions

The firm provides regular promotions. This helps the dedicated customers to receive promo codes or automatic upgrades with added percentages to the hash power.

Apply for a ETHMine debit card to ensure fast withdrawals.

Apply for a ETHMine debit card to ensure fast withdrawals of your funds. Debit cards are available for every customer that has bought our more advanced mining contracts. It’s our way to thank you for being a part of our community. Email to for more info.


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