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You asked, we answered – check out images of our Ethereum mining farms inside! Apr-12-2018 02:00:57 PM

Dear customers,

We hope you’re doing fantastically, wherever in the world you are.

Today we're delighted to say we are finally bringing you exclusive photos of our Ethereum mining farms. So many of you have asked, and we thank you for your patience.

This is where the mining happens, where you and your ever-growing ETHMine community contribute to massive global profits!

So, a little bit of info behind this magical place where the mining happens…

Our Ethereum mining farms are based in Iceland and there are a few key reasons for this. Aside from the general isolation that such a position brings, we all benefit from highly efficient electricity costs and ample space to grow as our community grows also.

With on-site teams of technical experts we continue to implement the latest technologies, pushing the power of your combined mining efforts. Our sites are also monitored 24/7 by carefully vetted security teams to preserve the profitability of your experience.

So without further ado, please enjoy these first shots of our mining headquarters –

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope these images inspire you to keep contributing to our already incredible impact in the world of crypto mining.

Until next time, we wish you the very best!

The ETHMine Team

Keep track of your payments – and benefit from joining our Telegram group! Apr-3-2018 03:44:50 PM

Dear customers,

Wherever in the world you may be, we hope you had a truly wonderful Easter weekend. Much too much chocolate was consumed here in the ETHMine office, and many festivities were had. Nothing but salad for a week now or we won't fit through the door!

Today we'd simply like to remind you that you can very easily monitor ETHMine payments by using the “Paidout” page, which can be accessed from our website – Check they're going through as well as that they are the correct amount!

This simple list is totally decentralised so that it cannot be altered by anyone – user or ourselves alike – and we like to think of it as a super simple way for you to not only verify your payments but your peace of mind.

After all, your confidence in our platform is our priority – that's why we encourage you to check it often and let us know if there is any issue with a payment or general concern you may have.

In a further note, we also invite you to join (if you have not already!) our dedicated Telegram Messenger group for the latest updates, instant support and ability to communicate with other users. Make the most of our platform, and make friends at the same time. There's nothing to lose!

If you'd like to join, simply download Telegram Messenger via your local app store and add our group's name:

We look forward to connecting with you there and, until next time, wish you all the best in your mining experience from everyone here at ETHMine.

The ETHMine Team

Happy Easter from the ETHMine! Mar-30-2018 03:23:35 PM

Dear customers,

Everyone at ETHMine would love to wish you a Happy Easter!

Wherever around the world you are, we hope this message finds you in the very best of health and with your Ether mining experience ticking along at its utmost capacity.

Whether you are practising some admirable form of abstinence for Lent this Easter, or are simply indulging in the most chocolate you can possibly fit into your mouth, we wish you the very best during this special time of year.

Easter transcends religion and nationality – it is simply a time to think about everything for which we are grateful. And for the ETHMine Team, the answer to such a thing is simple – you guys!

That's right, we value every single one of our audience for so many reasons, mainly that ETHMine would not be where it is right now without the incredible support that you have shown us. So please keep spreading the word about ETHMine and let's share the rather profitable love of Ethereum mining with as many people as possible around the world!

As always, we love to hear what our users are up to. If you're doing anything special this Easter to boost your Ethereum mining output, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Telegram!

Once again, we hope you enjoy this special time and spend it with loved ones, as well as continue raking in the rewards of Ether mining with us.

Until next time!

The ETHMine Team

Attn. all Representatives: Small yet key program policy changes inside! Mar-20-2018 10:28:42 PM

Dear customers,

We are writing today to inform all of our valued Representatives about some small policy changes. If you are not yet a Representative, we hope you will consider taking part and enjoying a whole new level of profitability in your Ethereum mining.

As you may know, all users are eligible to become Representatives as soon as they have crossed over 0.1 BTC in active contribution. There’s no time limit on this pivotal point, so it doesn’t matter whether it takes you one day or one year to hit this number. Once you’re in you’re in, and the rewards can reach rather tasty heights.

Now, however, we are delighted to announce that we are extending Representative eligibility to all those users who possess unique promotional skills and experience. You can think of this as an invitation for platform Influencers, just like those who play a prominent part in spreading the message of many online platforms these days.

All you have to do is to share with us why we should add you as a Representative so that you can immediately start collecting 5% direct from all contributions!

Just write to us ( explaining how your past experience and current role can be used to promote our platform on a regional or global scale. Make sure your application letter includes your full name and ETHMine username, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We also understand there has been some confusion regarding the specifics of our Regular Affiliate and Representative Programs. We’ve just rewritten our site text on the matter, and we’ve shared our new version below to clarify any residual confusion:

ETHMine provides users with two levels of award incentive program.

The first is our Regular Affiliate Program, which every ETHMine user benefits from. Here’s how:

In the Regular Affiliate Program you earn commission from all referral earnings. If you refer a friend who then invests 1 BTC, the very next day they will receive 0.026 BTC. At this point you will then receive 10% commission from your friend’s earnings – that’s 0.0026 BTC.

Now, the Representative Program goes one step further and enables you to earn directly from referral contributions. If you refer a friend who then invests 1 BTC, you immediately earn 5% commission on their contribution – that’s 0.05 BTC. You will also continue to enjoy Regular Affiliate benefits every time your friend earns interest on his contribution.

So there we have it! We hope you find our new explanation easier to understand, and invite you to get in touch if you have absolutely any further questions.

The ETHMine team is incredibly grateful for any independent contribution to and promotion of our platform, past and future. We look forward to receiving your Representative applications!


The ETHMine Team

Huge News! We’re addressing BTC users with a new separate ETHMine platform! Mar-18-2018 02:27:10 PM

Dear customers,

It seems like not a day goes past without us adding to the ETHMine platform so that we can keep your Ethereum mining experience as convenient and as powerful as possible – we wouldn’t have it any other way. And so we move onto some big news today, which many of you will be delighted to hear.

We know that around 50% of our existing clients enjoy that ETHMine’s primary account format is in US Dollars (USD). We also know that a majority of our other users would love to skip out the whole USD conversion process and enjoy Bitcoin (BTC) instead as your main value when using our mining platform.

We get it – our team is similarly divided, and so, we’ve launched a subsidiary platform that offers exactly that!

Find our new ETHMine variant right here and instantly start to enjoy your mining rewards in your preferred BTC denomination. Please keep in mind these few factors:

- All wallet amounts, interest rates and other figures will be calculated in BTC. Perfect!
- This new platform is under the ETHMine banner yet is an entirely separate platform. That means you will have to register a new account for use on this
platform, and that none of your existing mining records will feature on this new platform.
- You can hold accounts on both platforms, no problem!

We hope those of you who called out for BTC-based Ethereum mining will be happy with the new platform we have provided. As always, if you have absolutely any issues or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team at

Thanks guys, wishing you the most enjoyable mining experience whatever your chosen currency. Until next time!

The ETHMine Team