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Affiliate Program

ETHMine provides users with two levels of award incentive program.

Our structured affiliate program opens the door to even greater mining profits. Share your affiliate link and all referral activity will bring rewards right to your wallet. You decide the degree of profitability: every user enjoys our Regular program, while our Representatives make even more.

Regular program - 10%

In the Regular Affiliate Program you earn commission from all referral earnings. If you refer a friend who then invests 1 BTC, the very next day they will receive 0.026 BTC. At this point you will then receive 10% commission from your friend’s earnings – that’s 0.0026 BTC.

Representatives program +5%

Representative Program goes one step further and enables you to earn directly from referral contributions. If you refer a friend who then invests 1 BTC, you immediately earn 5% commission on their contribution – that’s 0.05 BTC. You will also continue to enjoy Regular Affiliate benefits every time your friend earns interest on his contribution.